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Best portable basketball hoop for kids

What are the sports attracting kids these days? Not many, because of the virtual games like play stations, Xbox kids are not playing the real games anymore. They are surely missing the fun, the excitement of playing outdoors. But there are some other reasons too. We have fewer playgrounds now in our city areas. But to get out of this virtual habit they can still play outdoor games with a portable basketball hoop in their homes. There are a lot of portable basketball hoops in the market and online as well. Choose the best portable basketball hoop for your kids today. Pellor adjustable basketball hoop System may be the best choice for your children. It has adjustable backboard system for children. It is available in two option, one is 150 cm which will cost around 46 dollars, and another one is 170 cm which will cost around 60 dollars, and both of them are available on Amazon with free shipping. Let me talk about the second one. It has 170CM (67in) basketball stand, so the total height is 170cm, you can adjust the basketball hoop from 63cm to 140 cm, and it is quite suitable for child 50 cm to 130 cm height. As it is portable, it is very convenient to carry to another place if you want. Easy installation and disassembly, so it is very ideal for indoor and outdoor uses as well. The thick base is made of ABS environmental material. You just have to put some water or sand to increase the stability of the stand. Your kids will play the actual basketball but the smaller version. Playing basketball at home creates more child-parent interaction, play with your children. It will also enhance their health, and it will enlighten their physical and mental growth. There are already so many sports out there if your kids have the talent let that be happened in real. Help them to show their passion and talent through sports materials like portable basketball, bowling, pool billiards, and foosball.  

Best portable basketball hoop for dunking

Who does the best dunk? LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal; it is tough to answer. And apparently, we can’t dunk any ball like any of them. But as we are mad about NBA we just can’t stop playing basketball. Even in our home, we play basketball whenever we get back from our schools, works. But the problem is not every portable basketball hoop is as strong as the real ones in the basketball courts. Most of the portable basketball hoops and nets are fragile. To buy the best portable basketball hoop for dunking, we have to check out the materials first. If you still want to dunk like a pro, or maybe you like to make perfect jump shots lifetime basketball backboard will be the best choice. It is available on Amazon for around 210 dollars and free shipping facility. It has a 48’’ shatterproof backboard which provides a virtually stable playing surface. You have to fill up the base with 31-gallon water or sand to have a firm position. It won’t break anytime soon however you dunk the balls. Because it has a solid rim which is steel slam, double compressed springs, and welded net hooks. You can easily flex the height of the backboard from 8 to 10 feet in 6’’ increments. Metals are dust proof, all weather resistant; I have been playing since summer, so it is good with sun and rain. There are lots of other portable basketball hoops in the market. Many of them are way too functional. Hundreds of features, thousands of dollars. But this one is very reasonable and worthy of money. Even got a 4-star review from users. Make your basketball dunks stronger, more active and makes your free times exciting.